• Ulna osteotomy ancillary

    Ulna osteotomy ancillary

    In recent years, we’ve seen the ancillaries aiming to shorten the ulna thrive. It is true that the freehand gesture was technical, long and delicate. The ‘Asclepios Innovation’ solution is radically innovative... Read More
  • The universal hand table

    The universal hand table

    The universal hand table is the new indispensable tool for hand surgery. This is a table for surgeons designed by surgeons. The universal hand table is an independent and mobile system that offers many benefits to surgeons, brings more comfort to patients and also facilitates the work of the team in the operating room. Read More
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The universal hand table is the new indispensable tool for hand surgery. This is a table for surgeons designed by surgeons.

The power of the consultation

The universal hand table has been designed by those who use it: block“short” outpatient services professionals: all of them directly concerned with the patient’s journey and installation.

Surgeons, anaesthetists, pharmacists, hygienists, ergonomists, biomedical engineers, nurses, caregivers, medics, each illuminated the design of the universal hand table from his/her point of view. Five prototypes and tests in a dozen different blocks resulted in the current result.

With an innovative design, the universal hand table is golden and already designed in order to anticipate the evolution of the practice towards the Fast Track, the “Walant”(= gesture outside the traditional block under local anaesthesia), and even office surgery (out the operating room).

Operate the patient from now on by leaving him on its stretcher

The patient is already on his stretcher as soon as he is taken in charge by the outpatient clinic. It is logical to leave him there to be operated on. Once the intervention is completed, he is taken to the outpatient services: nobody took him at any.

Incomparable is the comfort of a stretcher transport, whose specifications explicitly foresee the extended conscious and prolonged position.

The patient does not need to discover anything other than the operated extremity. He then better supports the temperatures of the operating suites while preserving its privacy.

Better logistics flow

That the patient remains on the same rolling support, makes ergonomics of the personnel and allows the simplest possible management of the flow of the outpatient program by the block team itself. Being the best informed one, it is this team that manages the rhythm. She thus has to wait no longer for the team of stretcherbearers being busy elsewhere.

Simply pushing the stretcher does not require much strength. This effort is required by this team on the time she largely gains by the speed of installation. The stretcherbearers are freed from this room.

The universal hand table was tested in real conditions on teams not knowing the product: within 48 hours, productivity gain on installation is already 40% and rises to 60% in 7 days.

universal hand table productivity gain

The average installation time goes from 17 minutes to 7 minutes. That is to say a complete hour on a program of 6 patients, without additional human resources and with the Gratifying impression that the program “goes ahead.”

Productivity gain

Universal hand table - assembly instructions

Anatomy of the hand table (FR / ENG)

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