The universal hand table

The universal hand table is the new indispensable tool for hand surgery. This is a table for surgeons designed by surgeons.

The universal hand table is an independent and mobile system that offers many benefits to surgeons, brings more comfort to patients and also facilitates the work of the team in the operating room.

This patented material, with CE standards and a 5-year warranty is innovative in many ways. Designed, developed, and manufactured in the design offices of Coutier Industrie in France, the universal hand table puts the patient's hand to operate in the center of the operative act.

The universal hand table is an independent and mobile system that offers many benefits to surgeons, brings more comfort to patients and also facilitates the work of the team in the operating room.

It is perfectly suited to an ambulatory activity carried out under local anaesthetic and makes it possible to operate patients directly on their stretcher. This novelty helps to avoid the transfer from the stretcher to the classical operating table; this results in a substantial saving of time, more comfort for the patients and a facilitated work for the nurses and stretcher-bearers.

The ergonomics of the table also makes it possible to adapt the stretcher in a vertical and horizontal position in order to perfectly adjust the patient's arm which meets the absolute imperative of immobility during minute surgical procedures.

Already very stable thanks to a solid stainless steel frame, it has adjustable feet in height that allows to choose its working height or to compensate for a possible ground fault. Its four wheels are equipped with brakes. The table also has:

  • Two rotating bins are attached to the feet while remaining retractable and removable.
  • 2 magnets recover the blades, the needles or the small tips of pins that were used during the operation.

The surgeons who designed the universal hand table wanted it completely transparent radio and equipped with a notch that allows to further advance the arch of the radioscope. This is very useful for scopic fracture reductions. An axial traction device then makes it possible to preserve the reduction, the time of making the immobilization.

The large universal hand table top is already very comfortable in its initial configuration, but can be further enlarged thanks to the removable XL extender that adapts the work surface to additional equipment.

The table can be assisted by a retractable mute assistant. This additional surface can also be shifted to the sides if the passage of the bow of the amplifier requires it. For example in foot surgery. This universal support also accepts a doppler echo regardless of whether it is vertical type, laptop or tablet probe, adapting to the configuration of each device.

The support bracket: a major innovation

One of the major innovations of the table is its support bracket. This system has multiple interests. It effectively maintains the hand higher than the shoulder to ensure the blood drain of the arm by gravity and achieve the wash.

The support rake holds the sterile field and retains the beep wire, the motor cable and the arthroscopy water catheter.

It can be reversed on its axis and thus allow to pass in a few seconds of an operation of the right hand to an operation of the left hand: this asset makes the universal hand table completely reversible without having to disassemble or wear anything.

La potence dispose d’une fixation permettant d’accrocher un miroir ou une tablette afin de montrer l’opération au patient ou de conserver des images de l’acte chirurgical ou même de divertir les enfants.

The stem can accommodate a removable and sterile axis, which can be installed very quickly to perform a arthroscopy in the vertical direction.

The perch of the gallows blocks the arm to counter the traction of arthroscopy.

It also receives a hoop that can then also make a horizontal arthroscopy and switch from one to another easily. The periphery of the hand and the wrist remains perfectly free of access.

Solid, versatile, reversible, mobile are all qualifiers that make unquestionably the universal hand table the new essential tool in hand surgery.

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